Tanya Colyer

Licensee Salesperson

From Auckland to London, Taupo to Riverton it’s amazing where you end up for love!  Tanya fell in love with a Southern boy that brought her to the Riviera of the South in 2010, and now lives in the buzzing community of Riverton with her partner Adrian and their four lovely children.

Tanya comes from a high achieving sporting family and Squash has been a huge part of her life as a player and high performance junior coach.  Tanya’s passion for people and business started at a very early age as she worked in her families business in the fruit and veg industry, then running her own businesses as a Massage Therapist and running an online women’s sportswear store which also promoted and motivated women to lead an active life.  For the past 5 years Tanya has also worked as a Youth Facilitator in the Riverton community promoting positive behaviour on an anti-bullying campaign.

Tanya is a highly involved community member, but her biggest community job is the More FM Riverton correspondent were she speaks to Gretchen and Simon every Monday morning promoting to the Southland community what is happening in Riverton.

Outside the office you will find Tanya either on the Squash court, tennis court or simply out and about with her beautiful family enjoying everything that Riverton has to offer. 

Tanya’s infectious energy, bright and bubbly personality will make anyone’s day just that little bit better, and when it comes to buying and selling your house you will be well looked after, with her professional approach.

Make sure you check out Tanya’s social media accounts, so you can learn more about her and her commitment to her work.

“Dreams come true only if you have the courage to chase them."

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